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E-Book Conversion Service

We offer E-Book Conversion service in English and Tamil Languages.

If you want to publish an eBook, then you need to convert your book to eBook . We help you to convert a digital manuscript, physical book or hard copy into a digital book.

Our eBook conversion specialists personally handle every eBook file they receive. We’ll transform your digital manuscript into a quality-assured, eBook-compatible file that can be read on smartphones, tablets and any popular eReader, including the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

We provide 100% Data Security and deliver High Quality Ebooks on time.
* convert your Word, PDF or amy other popular digital format types to produce the highest quality files for viewing on every eReader, tablet, and smartphone with 100% accuracy.
* take care of your visual elements—images, charts, graphs, tables, drawings, photographs, and more [additional charges may include]
* send you a finished ePub formatting file proof for your review
* checked the file to ensure your eBook works perfectly on every popular eReader

To know about pricing and other details mail to dinamani.india@gmail.com (or)

Whatsapp(only) to 7812033322

We will reply in 24 hours

E-Book Conversion Service