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Editorials - 15-09-2022

  • The future of old times in India - The Hindu
  • Imagining an alternative scenario in Ayodhya - The Hindu
  • India’s growing water crisis, the seen and the unseen - The Hindu
  • Examining the Dolo scandal - The Hindu
  • The subsidy debate needs to reckon with power - The Hindu
  • Engage with caution - The Hindu
  • Tax on the poor - The Hindu
  • Another drug causes child’s death - The Hindu
  • King Charles & the fountain pen - Indian Express
  • What the FM found missing - Indian Express
  • Goa defections frame the Opposition’s challenge: Why can’t they keep their flock together? - Indian Express
  • In Maharashtra’s loss of Vedanta-Foxconn project to Gujarat, ‘double engine’ sarkar belied - Indian Express
  • A student writes: How the CUET failed me and took away opportunities - Indian Express
  • Jean-Luc Godard on the Mumbai local - Indian Express
  • Bangladesh and India: Breaking the impasse on the Teesta water-sharing talks - Indian Express
  • Bibek Debroy writes: As PM Modi said, the onus for labour reform is on the states - Indian Express
  • Succession, Squid Game, White Lotus — in capitalism, everyone loses - Indian Express
  • With Central Vista, Bose statue, Narendra Modi is decolonising Indian mind - Indian Express
  • Congress’s Goa defections: Party must sort out its leadership issue forthwith - Times of India
  • Good politics: All states should compete to get industrial investment. Most projects go to a few states - Times of India
  • G20’s test: The group should finalise details of the minimum tax for MNCs. India also faces the Russia question - Times of India
  • Recasting innovation versus dominance - Economic Times
  • Make pre-packaged resolution not scary - Economic Times
  • Bringing the cheetah back is a bold idea - Hindustan Times
  • The world must do better on Covid - Hindustan Times
  • A road map for India to engage with global trade - Hindustan Times
  • Why reparations for WWII can help in healing wounds - Hindustan Times
  • The economy’s re-arrival as a global superpower - Hindustan Times
  • Keeping up with UP | Today, all roads to UP go through Delhi - Hindustan Times
  • DC Edit | Order swift Kolkata inquiry to fix blame for violent stir - Deccan Chronicle
  • DC Edit | Goa meltdown warning to Congress - Deccan Chronicle
  • Shobhaa De | The Queen’s mantra: ‘Never complain… never explain…’ - Deccan Chronicle
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