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Editorials - 22-07-2022

  • What can the world do to help Sri Lanka? - The Hindu
  • In Pegasus battle, the fight for surveillance reform - The Hindu
  • ‘Advantage New Delhi’ in Sri Lanka’s India lifeline - The Hindu
  • Songs of a summer night - The Hindu
  • Welcome relief - The Hindu
  • Madam President - The Hindu
  • Mysore to be renamed Karnataka - The Hindu
  • UK PM Boris Johnson’s last address to parliament was self-congratulatory and hinted at a sequel - Indian Express
  • President-elect Droupadi Murmu’s journey mirrors the trajectory of the country’s democracy, testifies to its uplifting possibilities - Indian Express
  • Nothing much should be expected from panel constituted by government. But the farm problem remains, needs addressing - Indian Express
  • Why a ban on single-use plastics won’t help - Indian Express
  • Exam-driven learning has killed creativity in students - Indian Express
  • Recent Supreme Court judgment on IBC may weaken insolvency regime - Indian Express
  • In abortion, the woman’s choice matters. The Supreme Court says so, too - Indian Express
  • Droupadi Murmu, a president for our time - Indian Express
  • First citizen Murmu: Her new job is a proud moment for India. Politics that came together for her must do the same for Adivasis - Times of India
  • Rules with rights: GoI’s right that social media must be accountable. But what’s objectionable must be defined very narrowly - Times of India
  • Not missing the law for the trees - Economic Times
  • Quality must have a quantity of its own - Economic Times
  • Expanding the right to privacy - Hindustan Times
  • Don’t overlook the demands of Kashmiri Pandits - Hindustan Times
  • Devise policies to help young girls dream big - Hindustan Times
  • CUET must be more than just a selection system - Hindustan Times
  • Terms of Trade | It’s time to revisit Malthus, Marx and Keynes - Hindustan Times
  • DC EDIT | Sinhala-Tamil politics can wait, first rescue economy - Deccan Chronicle
  • DC EDIT | Zubair: Courts must emulate SC - Deccan Chronicle
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