Daily Current Affairs - 21-05-2021

World Bee Day is observed annually by the United Nations on 20th May. This day is observed to create awareness about the importance of bees for this planet and nature. Also, World Bee Day is observed on 20th May to commemorate Anton Janša.

Q1. Who was Anton Janša?

Anton Janša, born in Slovenia is said to be the pioneer of modern day beekeeping techniques. Her birthday also coincides with the World Bee Day. (20th May)

 Q2. Why is Bee conservation necessary?

Bee conservation is necessary as these little creatures are said to be one of the most important creatures in this planet. They act as pollinators and helps in improving the biodiversity of this planet by pollinating thousands of plants.

Q3. Is the Bee population under threat?

According to the United Nations and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the bee population is under constant threat due to various human activities such as usage of pesticides, development encroaching into the natural habitats of the bees, etc.

Q4. What is Beekeeping also known as?

Beekeeping is also known as Apiculture. Also, Apiary or bee yard is the name of the location where bees are kept.

Q5. What is theme of World Bee Day 2021?

Bee engaged: Let’s Build Back Better for Bees is the theme for the World bee Day 2021.

Q6. What is United Nations?

The United Nations is an organization whose main aim is to maintain world peace and security. The headquarters of the United Nations is situated in New York, USA and it was established on 24th October, 1945 after World War 2. UN has 193 member countries

Every year, on May 21, the United Nations observes International Tea Day. The resolution to celebrate International Tea Day was adopted in 2019 by the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization.


The International Tea Day is being celebrated since 2005 in major tea producing countries of the world namely Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Malaysia, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania. It aims to draw the attention of citizens, governments about the impact of global tea trade.


The main goal of the day is to promote sustainable production of tea and increase awareness in fighting poverty and hunger.

Intergovernmental Group on Tea

The Intergovernmental Group of Tea operating under Food and Agriculture Organization proposed the concept of International Tea Day in 2015.

Sustainable Development Goals

The tea production helps to achieve the following goals


Tea Production is sensitive to climate changes. Tea can be produced only in agro-ecological conditions. There are very limited countries that produce tea.
Therefore, the tea producing countries must integrate the climate challenges along with their tea production. This is the main objective of celebrating International Tea Day.


India is the second largest tea producing country after China. Also, India is the largest consumer of tea in the world. India consumes around 30% of global tea output.


The International Tea Day is celebrated on the motto, “Harnessing Benefits for all From Field to Cup”. This is not the theme of the day. This is the motto under which the day is celebrated every year.