Daily Current Affairs - 07-06-2021

As per owner of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, his payments venture Square will partner with blockchain technology firm Block-stream Mining in a bid to build an open-source, solar-powered bitcoin mining facility in United Nations.

Aim of the move

Launch of solar-powered bitcoin mining facility aims to drive adoption and efficiency of renewables within the bitcoin ecosystem. The partnership seeks to demonstrate how bitcoin mining along with renewable energy can help in driving clean energy transition.


This partnership comes after CEO of Tesla Elon Musk established a council along with American crypto miners to promote a sustainable bitcoin mining. Both Dorsey & Musk have great interest in development of cryptocurrency. They believe bitcoin will become world’s largest single currency of internet soon.

Funding for mining facility

$5 million will be invested by Square in solar-powered bitcoin mining facility.

What was the need?

Bitcoin mining is often criticised worldwide for its high energy-consumption property. As per an estimate, it generates up to 22.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year which is equal to emission levels produced by Sri Lanka and Jordan. Its mining makes use of coal which has worst emissions among fossil fuels. This, development of solar powered mining facility was the need to reduce emission.

World will observe the World Ocean Day on June 8, 2021 under the theme- ‘The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods’.

About World Ocean Day

The day is observed annually on June 8. The day provides governments across the world an opportunity to inform people about impact of economic activities and human actions on ocean.

How this day is significant?

Oceans play a major role in everyday life of people and are considered as lungs of our planet. It is an important part of biosphere as it provides us with water which is an integral element of our daily lives. However, oceans are bearing the brunt of man-made destruction over the years. Industrial waste and unwanted litter into ocean are degrading & destabilizing earth’s dynamics with its natural resources. It might lead to an eventual and unfortunate end. Thus, it becomes important to save oceans and World Ocean Day is committed towards it.


World Ocean Day was first suggested in 1992 during Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro with the aim of celebrate this vast water body, its benefits in our lives and to raise awareness to make it a part of sustainable development. Following this, UN general assembly passed the resolution on December 5, 2008 to designate this day.

International Marine Organization

International Marine Organization was formed in 1973 to address issues of pollution from ships by oil, noxious liquid substances which are carried in bulk, garbage, sewage, garbage and to check air pollution from ships.

Delhi government launched a vaccination campaign ‘Jahan Vote, Wahan Vaccination’ to vaccinate people of Delhi against Covid-19. Under the campaign, people aged 45 and above will be given vaccine at the polling booths.


While launching the campaign, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal highlighted, jabs will be provided to people above 45 years at places where they had exercised vote during election. According to him, door-to-door vaccination will also be done soon.

About the campaign

Under the campaign, booth-level officers will visit door to door to provide vaccination slots to people above 45 years.

How many people above 45 years are vaccinated?

57 lakh people are there in age group of 45 plus in Delhi out of which, 27 lakhs have been administered the first dose of coronavirus vaccine. 30 lakhs are yet to administered. So, this decision was taken after observing people in 45 plus age group are not coming to vaccination centres and vaccines are not being utilised.

Income Tax Department is set to launch its new ITR e-filing portal, which can be accessed through website called “www.incometax.gov.in’’.

ITR e-filing portal

ITR e-filing portal will be launched with aim of providing a modern, seamless and more convenient experience to taxpayers. Portal has been integrated with immediate processing of Income Tax Returns and quick refunds to taxpayers.

Features of the portal

Dedicated Mobile App

IT department will also launch a mobile app subsequently after launching the portal which will enable taxpayers to get familiar with several features.

Recently, Group of seven (G7) advanced economies signed a landmark deal on taxing multinational companies. As per the deal, minimum global tax rate would be at least 15 percent.

Key Points

Agreement was signed by finance ministers of United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Canada, France, Italy and Japan. It opens way for levies on multinational companies in countries where they operate rather than just where they are headquartered.

Why new system was proposed?

Old system of global taxation was being criticized over the years as it allowed big companies to save billions of dollars in tax bills by shifting their jurisdictions. Major digital companies were making money in multiple countries and paying taxes only in home country. Thus, this proposal was made which would impose an additional tax on several multinational companies and technology giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google to pay taxes to countries based on where their goods or services are sold irrespective of their physical presence there. The deal seeks to modernize century-old international tax code.

Minimum Global Tax Rate

Under new tax system, countries where big firms operate would get ‘right to tax’ at least 20% of profits.


Ireland with tax rate of 12.5 percent is opposing the deal arguing that it would be disruptive to its economic model.

Impact on India

India is likely to benefit from global minimum 15 percent corporate tax rate deal because, effective domestic tax rate is above this threshold and it would continue to attract investment.

Extending greetings on 24th BIMSTEC Day on June 6, PM Narendra Modi said, BIMSTEC has emerged as a promising regional grouping and made progress on several factors including finalisation of master plan for connectivity.

What is BIMSTEC?

BIMSTEC is acronym for “Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation”. It is a regional multilateral organisation established on June 6, 1997 in Bangkok under the name BIST-EC (Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand Economic Cooperation).  Myanmar was included to it in 1997 following which group was renamed as ‘BIMST-EC’ (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand Economic Cooperation). After Nepal & Bhutan become full members in 2004, BIMSTEC was renamed to its current form.

Members of BIMSTEC

Seven members of BIMSTEC are littoral and adjacent areas of Bay of Bengal constituting a regional unity. 5 are South Asian countries namely Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal & Sri Lanka while 2 countries- Myanmar & Thailand- are from Southeast Asia.


BIMSTEC connects South and Southeast Asia besides ecologies of Great Himalayas and Bay of Bengal. It was established with the aims of creating an enabling environment for rapid economic development and accelerating social progress.

Goa government has released a short film on Chhatrapati Shivaji on the occasion of anniversary of Maratha king’s coronation day highlighting history of Goa and Shivaji’s role in fighting Portuguese.

Key points

Film titled “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Shivrajyabhishek Divas” was released on social media in Konkani and Hindi version. Movie highlights hundreds of true stories that future generations need to be aware of. Film speaks about royal tax imposed by traitorous landlords in Pernem, Maneri, Bicholim,and Sattari in North Goa to oppress locals, after which they betrayed the land and state and revolted against Portuguese.

Shivaji Bhonsale I

An Indian ruler, also referred as Chhatrapati Shivaji, was a member of Bhonsle Maratha clan. He carved out an enclave from declining Adilshahi sultanate of Bijapur and formed genesis of Maratha Empire. He was  crowned as Chhatrapati (emperor) of his realm formally in 1674, at Raigad.

Alliances and hostilities

During his life, Shivaji got engaged in alliances as well as hostilities with Mughal Empire, Sultanate of Golkonda and Sultanate of Bijapur besides European colonial powers. His military forces expanded influence of Maratha sphere and he captured & built forts. He established Maratha navy. He revived ancient Hindu political traditions and promoted Marathi language.

Education Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, approved release of the Performance Grading Index (PGI) 2019-20.

PGI 2019-20

Background of PGI

PGI was first published in 2019 for 2017-2018. This exercise is done with the aim of undertaking multi-pronged interventions which could help various states and administration to reach desired goals in education. This report acts as a good source of information of best practices which are followed by States and UTs. Report seeks to help states or UTs to pinpoint areas of concerns & gaps and helps in effectively bridging them.

According to State of India’s Environment Report 2021, India’s rank has dropped by two places to 117 as compared to 2020 ranking on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Key Findings

State-wise preparedness

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

UN member states adopted 17 SDGs. Some of the SDGs include-

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

This agenda was adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. It provides a shared blueprint for peace & prosperity for people as well as planet considering present and future.

SpaceX rocket lift-off rocket to International Space Station carrying supplies for scientific experiments along with surprising passengers like squids and microorganisms called tardigrades.

Key points


SpaceX rocket is also carrying these microorganisms, also known as “water bears”. They can withstand extreme radiation, sizzling heat and coldest temperatures in universe and decades without having food.

Bobtail squid

An animal model, called as Euprymna scolopes, is used to study symbiotic relationships between two species. Animals and humans rely on microbes to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. So, squids were lift-off to ISS to understand how spaceflight alters these beneficial interactions. This experiment will help scientists to develop techniques to protect health of astronauts participating in long-duration missions in space.’

Ultrasound Gravity

On the mission, scientists will demonstrate use of portable ultrasound in microgravity using Butterfly IQ Ultrasound flight technology. Usability and autonomous operations of Butterfly IQ Ultrasound will be assessed for future use in human exploration missions above low-Earth orbit.

Maharashtra launched ‘state annual priority sector credit plan’ worth Rs 4,60,881 crore along with an ‘overall annual credit plan’ worth 18,10,779 crore.


Priority Sector Lending

Priority Sector Lending is decided as per RBI guidelines. Under it, RBI mandates banks to lend certain amount from their funds to specified sectors such as agriculture; Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs); education, export credit, renewable energy, housing and social infrastructure. All scheduled commercial banks and foreign banks are mandated to keep 40% of their Adjusted Net Bank Credit (ANDC) to lend these sectors. Regional rural banks, co-operative banks and small finance banks can allocate 75% of ANDC. Lending is facilitated to ensure that, adequate institutional credit reaches vulnerable sectors of economy.

According to Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, Raimona reserve forest in Kokrajhar district has been upgraded to sixth national park of Assam. This forest comes under Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) across the border with Bhutan.


Assam has five national parks-

  1. Kaziranga National Park
  2. Manas National Park,
  3. Nameri National Park,
  4. Orang National Park and
  5. Dibru-Saikhowa National Park.

Raimona National Park

This national park of Assam is located in Gossaigaon subdivision of Kokrajhar district under BTR. Park is a part of contiguous forest patch having an area of 422 km2. It covers northern part of notified Ripu Reserve Forest which is the westernmost buffer to Manas Tiger Reserve. Park is home to golden langur, tigers, Asian elephants, clouded leopards, wild buffalo, Indian gaur, hornbill, spotted deer, 170 species of birds, 150 species of butterflies and 380 varieties of plants & orchids.

Manas National Park

This national park is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, Elephant reserve, Project Tiger reserve and a biosphere reserve in Assam, India. It is contiguous with Royal Manas National Park of Bhutan. It is known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife like golden langur, pygmy hog, Assam roofed turtle and hispid hare besides, wild water buffalo

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, launched E-100 pilot project on the occasion of World Environment Day in Pune.

E-100 Project

This ambitious project was launched with the aim of setting up a network for production and distribution of ethanol in India.


Prime Minister also launched ‘Report of the Expert Committee on Road Map for ethanol blending in India 2020-2025’. It was released in line with the theme of World Environment Day- “promotion of biofuels for a better environment”.

Ethanol Sector in India

According to Prime Minister, India has taken several steps for development of ethanol sector. Ethanol has become a major priority of 21st century India because ethanol has a better impact on environment and lives of farmers. In the line, Government resolved to achieve target of 20 percent ethanol blending in petrol by 2025. Till 2014, about 1.5 percent of ethanol used to be blended in India. Now it has reached to 8.5 percent.

Ethanol Blending

Ethanol Blending in petrol is being adopted by many countries including India in a bid to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions and reduce import burden on crude petroleum. Presently, bioethanol blending in petrol stands at 5%, which can replace around 1.8 million Barrels of crude oil.

Significance of Ethanol Blending

  1. Ethanol molecule comprises oxygen which allows engine to completely combust fuel. This result in fewer emissions and reduces environmental pollution.
  2. Ethanol, being a by-product of sugar industry, is a renewable source that leads to net reduction in emission of Carbon dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, announced to create 80 acres of ‘Oxi-van’ (a forest) in Karnal district. It was announced on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, 2021. Oxi-van will consist of 10 types of forests.


On the occasion, highlighting importance of trees and encouraging promotion, protection, planting of trees Haryana Government launched four important schemes:

  1. Prana Vayu Devta Pension Scheme
  2. Oxi-Van in Karnal
  3. Oxi-Van in Panchkula
  4. Panchavati Plantation in Haryana

Pran Vayu Devta Pension Scheme

Under this scheme, a pension amount of Rs 2500 will be provided in name of Pran Vayu Devta to maintain trees above 75 years. This pension would increase each year on the line of old age samman pension.

Panchavati Plantation in Haryana

Under this initiative, plantation will be done in name of Panchvati across the villages in Haryana. It will promote the process of getting natural oxygen from trees. Agro forestry will also be promoted on vacant land under the initiative. Thus, it will increase income of Panchayats in rural areas.

Oxy-Van in Karnal

Oxy Forest was launched on Forest Department land in Mughal Canal, Karnal.  Panchavati, trees of Bel, Amla, Ashoka, Banyan and Peepal were planted. It will be built on 80 acres area.

Oxy-Van in Panchkula

It will be established in Bir Ghaggar on area of one hundred acres in a bid to create Mother Nature’s green lungs, for residents of Panchkula, to get in fresh oxygen. Rs One crore has been sanctioned for this initiative.